ESL 1 Lesson for Monday, May 11

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Today's lesson is a grammar lesson on the simple present verb tense.

LEARNING INTENTION: You will understand and correctly use the simple present tense when describing daily habits using "I", "She", and "He" as evidenced by your using the base verb form with "I", and the "s" verb form with "She" and "He".    Example:  I go to work.   Juan goes to work.

Here's another example.  Do you see how the verb form changes?

 What do you do every day?

I get up at 6:00.

I do my exercises.

I feed my dogs.

I have breakfast.

I take a shower.

I wash my hair.

I put on makeup.

I dry my hair.

I watch the news.


What does Angela do every day?

She gets up at 6:00.

She does her exercises.

She feeds her dogs.

She has breakfast.

She takes a shower.

She washes her hair.

She puts on makeup.

She dries her hair.

She watches the news.


IN YOUR NOTEBOOK, WRITE 10 THINGS YOU DO EVERY DAY.  THEN WRITE 10 THINGS YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE DOES EVERY DAY.  If you aren't married, choose a different person.  Send me the pictures of your writing.