ESL 1 Wed. & Thurs. May 27 & 28

This is our last week of school. 

You will receive information from the district and the adult school about next semester through your new account.  (To access your email, go to and click on gmail to sign in with the username and password you signed up with.  If you can't find it, please contact me.  I will be home.  I'm not going anywhere  LOL  ha ha ha  :). 


Classes will be online but not on a website.  Your teachers will teach you "live" over the computer.  We will probably start around Monday, August 3.  

All students in ESL classes will use Stand Out.  Your teacher will determine the level.

Please correct Stand Out Workbook pages 76, 77, & 78.

No more Stand Out work for this semester.

Please do one more Verb Tense Practice.  Send me the pictures and I will check your answers.

Today and tomorrow we must finish these 3 things

1) Register for next semester.

2) Get your email account.

3) Finish all 3 parts of the EL CIVICS test.

I am going to continue testing students orally on part 3.  If you did not take it, I will call you Wednesday or Thursday.