Pronunciation & Reading:  Wed. & Thurs., April 29 & 30

This work is due on Thursday night.  I need to spend Wednesday contacting students.  

In your text book, you should finish pages 53 - 61, tracks 172 - 195. 

Story: "Saved by the Bell"

1.  Read the story. (PDF)

2.  Listen to the audio recording.

3. Choose 2 of the 5 exercises to complete.

Click the Recording button to hear the story: "Saved by the Bell".

Recording (7)
00:00 / 03:17

Pronunciation of -ed verbs in the story.

Recording (8)
00:00 / 00:43


decided (id)

shouted (id)

stopped (t)

looked (t)

helped (t)

continued (d)

crawled (d)

opened (d)

stayed (d)

listened (d)

answered (d)

arrived (d)

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