Pronunciation & Reading Lesson for Wednesday & Thursday, May 13 & 14

1.  Read and listen to the tracks on pages 132 - 134.

2.  Watch the dialog video.

3.  Correct your "Love at First Sight" exercises.

4.  Read the news article about Asian hornets.

5.  Listen to the audio.

6.  Choose 3 exercises, do them, and send me them.

Let's jump to pages 132 - 134 Casual Versus Formal Speech

Listen to the tracks 383 - 385.

Answer Key:  Click the PDF to check your answers to "Love at First Sight" exercises.

Video for dialog page 134

Open the PDF to read the news article:

Asian Giant Hornets.  Listen to the recording of the article. Choose 3 exercises to do for homework.

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