Stand Out Student book Lesson for Monday, April 20, 2020.

Video Script

TODAY'S LEARNING INTENTION:  By the end of the lesson, you will be able to identify 4 types of housing (a starter home or a house, a condominium, an apartment, and a mobile home).


1. Watch the Unit 4 video.

2. Watch the Vocabulary Video Clips.

3. Do Stand Out page 86 parts A and B.  For part B, listen to the audio clip under these instructions. Read the PDF script too.

4. Read Stand Out page 87.  Pay attention to the grammar in part D (live/lives).

5. Try practicing the dialog on page 87 part F with someone at home.

6. Click on the homework link to do the workbook page practice.

7. Contact me and tell me what you did and/or ask me questions.

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This recording is for p. 86 part B Interpret.

p. 86 part B script

page 85

page 84/85

page 86 top

page 86 bottom

page 87 top

page 87 bottom

page 88 top

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